Personal Physicians of Connecticut, LLC


  • Small practice size.  This creates a highly relaxed, responsive, and personalized environment for the delivery of healthcare services to you.
  • Same-day office appointments.  If a medical issue is troubling you, then why wait to have it addressed? We believe that you should be able to see your doctor on the same day that you call for an appointment.
  • A kind and caring office staff.  Our highly trained professional office staff is there to help you at any time. They are critically important to the success of our core mission, which is to deliver the highest quality of personalized, attentive medical care to you.
  • Little or no waiting time in the office.  Because your time is as important as ours, you deserve to be seen in a timely manner.
  • Emphasis on preventive and proactive healthcare.  Dr. Slogoff’s fundamental objective is to identify and address medical issues before they lead to potentially avoidable problems.
  • Immediate, 24/7 access to Dr. Slogoff via cell phone, office phone, or electronic communication.  Unlike physicians who are employed by large, insurance-based medical practices that serve thousands of patients, Dr. Slogoff has the time to respond to your medical needs whenever and wherever they may arise.
  • Coordination of care with top specialists in the Tri-State area and beyond.  Dr. Slogoff maintains close working relationships with a broad network of top-notch medical and surgical specialists who practice throughout the Tri-State area. Also, when necessary, Dr. Slogoff refers his patients to centers of expertise that are located in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.
  • Assistance with all health insurance-related matters.  Patients in our medical practice maintain their usual health insurance coverage. It is important to note, however, that our professional office staff is available to help patients seek the maximum health plan coverage to which they are entitled (i.e., for imaging tests, medications, lab work, etc.).