Personal Physicians of Connecticut, LLC (i.e., “PPC”) is a unique type of internal medicine private practice that utilizes a so-called “concierge medicine”, “retainer medicine”, or “boutique medicine” model. PPC is the medical practice of Dr. Frederick Slogoff, a board-certified internal medicine physician in Stamford, Connecticut, who has been widely recognized as a top physician in numerous local, regional, and national publications, including Castle Connolly’s “Top Doctors in the New York Metro Area”, U.S. News & World Report’s “Top Doctors in the United States”, Connecticut Magazine’s “Top Doctors List”, and theBest Doctors annual list of top physicians in the United States.

Because Dr. Slogoff has a limited number of patients in his medical practice, he is able to provide the kind of personalized and attentive medical care that he believes every patient deserves. Dr. Slogoff’s basic philosophy is that neither he nor his patients should ever feel rushed during their interactions with one another.

Unlike a traditional, insurance-based medical practice, where a physician may see as many as 30 or 40 patients per day, PPC is able to focus its attention on as few as 5 or 6 patients in the course of a typical office day. Furthermore, Dr. Slogoff is able to provide the 24/7 convenience of “remote medicine”, or “telemedicine”, whenever appropriate. In other words, Dr. Slogoff can deliver personalized medical care to his patients via cell phone, e-mail, text, or Skype whenever and wherever it may be needed.

Freed from the constraints of both private and governmental insurance companies, Dr. Slogoff can practice medicine “the old-fashioned way” (i.e., the way that medicine was practiced prior to the advent of today’s complicated and impersonal healthcare system). At the same time, Dr. Slogoff is able to take full advantage of the latest technological advances in healthcare such as electronic medical records, digital health-monitoring applications, remote access to personal health information, and instantaneous delivery of electronic prescriptions to any pharmacy within the United States.